Early Withdrawals From Your IRA Account

Properly Allocating Your Resources in Retirement

You are probably aware of the importance of asset allocation. It is crucial for the success of your portfolio. Utilizing the appropriate mix of investments during specific stages of your life is an integral part of your retirement planning.

Asset allocation can help to manage risk and lessen the effects of market volatility but does not assure a profit or protect against losses. There are various rules of thumb with regard to the amount of stocks and bonds one should hold according to their age and risk tolerance.

However, if you are retired or nearing retirement, you must consider a plan for the distribution phase of life as well. You should determine what the appropriate allocation of resources would be during retirement.

Because of the various uncertainties, the suggestion of some form of lifetime income within the mix can make a lot of sense. People are living longer, healthcare costs are on the rise, while the stock market seems increasingly unpredictable.

For a retirement that may last 30 or more years, dedicating a piece of the portfolio to lifetime income is becoming a rule of thumb for distribution allocation.

Contact your Wealth Advisor for more details.

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