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Educators Legacy Foundation

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Educator’s Legacy Foundation is committed to honoring the legacy of educators and service members.  We manage scholarship funds that help deserving students in high school through graduate school, and annual gifts for charities doing work that is meaningful to our generous donors.

Mary Mross Public Policy Scholarship Fund

The Public Policy Scholarship honors Mary Mross, a highly respected and well-loved social studies teacher who retired from DSHA in 2001.  In her more than three decades of teaching, her passion for American government and civic engagement motivated and shaped the career choice of a number of alumnae.  The scholarship was established by a group of passionate alumnae and was first awarded in May 2013.  The scholarship recognized a DSHA student who shares Ms. Mross’ passion for public policy and is to be used toward her tuition for the next academic year.

News about the Mary Mross Public Policy Scholarship

   Hartzheim Legacy Fund

Jeff Hartzheim, a US Military Veteran, and his wife Judy, were dedicated to our country.  In honor of their patriotism, the fund will provide annual gifts to charitable organizations whose work the couple felt was meaningful for veterans.  These include Fisher House and Intrepid Fallen Heroes.  During her life, Judy cared for numerous abandoned animals.  In her honor, an annual donation will be made to local animal shelters.

    Mary Jo Stipek Scholarship Foundation

Mary Jo Stipek was a teacher in Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS).  Her passion was promoting literacy, which she continued after working in MPS by volunteering at Milwaukee Achievers.  Mary Jo felt reading skills were critical to not only learning, but also living a fulfilling life.  Her scholarship aims to assist graduate students currently working in MPS pursuing reading certification or reading specialist licensure from UW-Milwaukee.