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April 21, 2020

Overall State of Wisconsin COVID-19 Information:

Economic Impact Payments (Stimulus checks from IRS):

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance claims should be made online if possible, and requirements have been relaxed. Many employers are currently hiring in order to fill gaps in delivery and retail services. To make a claim:

US Small Business Administration (SBA)

Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources:

US Chamber of Commerce, Coronavirus Small Business Guide:

Financial Resources

If you are experiencing financial impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, assistance may be available. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension has a great list of information and resources here:

Wisconsin Hospital Association Updates

The Wisconsin Hospital Association Information Center collaborated with Department of Health Services to create a dynamic dashboard to keep people updated on situational awareness. You can find the link here:

Support Local Food Establishments

Wisconsin State Representative Tyler August continues to update a list of local dining options for takeout and delivery. Please join us in supporting these businesses in their time of need.

View the list here: